What is your way of life?

30 11 2008

What is your way of life?

What is the life?

What is the way?

Why ask?

This thinking can be useful.

Everything can be way of life.

You choose, what do you want for your life. Do you need any achievement? Or you don’t like it?

It depends on your paradigm. After you choose, we can start from what you really like most.

Some people are so religious that they have their way from their religion. That’s nice. Other people have it from their culture. That’s also nice!

We can also have it from hobby, from a simple case, or daily activities, with a good paradigm and some resources from religion or other philosophy, a good way’s philosophy also can be defined.

For an example, i like to bike. I bikes to school. And the distance is far enough, about 10 km, and sloppy. No matter what the distance or how exhausted i am, i have to arrive at school.

What can be taken from this case for the way of life? The way of thinking?

I have to arrive at school no matter what’s the problem, means that i have to finish what i have started. Another thing, yeah, i have to manage time, endurance, and all other preparations.

What else? I have to ride well, you know, how we ride/drive can reflect our attitude. Ride carefully, don’t bother other user. It means to respect other.

Another thing? You can add more nice thinking yourselves. Well, i just realize that other philosopher also said the same about these, to finish what has been started (confucianism), and else. But it’s fun!

We can find our hobbies or simple things mean more to our life! Writing this made myself realize i have to fix so many things in my life. Actually i, myself, have to synchronize my paradigm and attitude with what the best thing i do and think in my hobbies.

Well, that’s all for now. I suggest you to have a good target, and a good hobby!




One response

17 01 2009
eun hoo

hai ka^^
pa kbr nih ka??????
eun harap baek2 aja””””

bagus juga tu bloignya,,eun juga punya blog tapi masih kosong sihhh
kapan tu ol di ym??????

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