Martial Arts

I am not a martial art master. I only like to see martial arts, and practice some.

I am still learning Judo. I remember the first time learning Judo was at Junior High School (1997-1998). My grade now is 1st Junior Kyu (equal to 2nd Kyu? Hmm the dojo says so). I have never taken the formal test.

I was learning Kendo, 8th Kyu.. The grade was given by my stingy instructor, Mr. Dady (the certificate was signed by Mr. Ajat, and the writer of the certificate was.. myself.. I printed it. Wkwkwkwk).. It was year 2000.

I was learning Taiji in 2004 semester break at Jinsong. I couldn’t continue at that club because the class schedule. I wish to learn Taiji again.

I am now taught Wushu by my friends. Grade? Just learn to do some kicks and some body stretching techniques. Now I am busy to finish my Final Project, I will continue the practice later..
I am not a good martial artist. For me I learn it as sport, but someday it will be my way of life. Just don’t ask me for a duel. I’ll be defeated by you. Ha ha.. Just talk and exchange our thought about martial art, and teach me some. I’ll be a good pupil. ^^


2 responses

19 03 2009

mending kamu belajar suai jiao aja Hen, kan disitu juga banyak tangkapan dan bantingan, maksudnya biar nyambung sama judo-nya hehehe.

19 03 2009
hendry 天佑

Belum menemukan pelatih Shuaijiao di Bandung..
Lagi tertarik internal wushu.. Mungkin Taiji, atau Xingyi.. Hmm..
Untuk investasi kesehatan saat tua nanti.. 🙂

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