Born in Merauke, came to Bandung at age six months, Hendry began to learn anything. Given a health body, mind, and spirit, world of somersaulting and thinking was began. He liked them and tried to be creative with them. But something unknown happen that he lost his spirit now. He is now trying so hard to find a way to find it.

Knowing that he was born in Merauke, a far place from Bandung but still in Indonesia, Hendry started to learn a map, locating where is Indonesia, Merauke, and Bandung. Indonesia’s so wide! Sea, island, mountain, lake.. Hendry was so proud about this and Indonesia.

Knowing that he was born as Indonesian Chinese, really made him interested in culture. He was proud to have Chinese culture as his cultural heritage and interested to explore Indonesian various culture.

As he grown up in Indonesia, specially in Bandung, he learned to speak some various language like Indonesian (daily speech), Hakkafa (from his family, especially the maternal grandmother), Sundanese (local language), English (because of the television show influence), Chinese (he was forced, but he rejected, and now he regrets did so), and some other language as hobby (like: Japan, Germany).
When realize that language is really a part in culture, he regreted that he didn’t learn languages seriously back then. What he really interested in is the connection and origin of them. Now he is trying to learn what he missed, and planning to learn more.

He was also interested in sport. He was relatively good at any sport. Better at personal sports than team sport. Was it because he found that was hard to deal with other? Again, culture and sport led him to be interested in martial art. Wanted to learn Wushu, but he started to learn Judo because some coincidence.

In education field, he studied well at elementary school, better at junior high school, so bad at senior high school, and worse at the university. Until now, he is still studying at a well-known college, majoring architecture, a study of culture, creativity, and living. But he thinks that he is not so good at this although he likes architecture. In this period he always thinks to give up study architecture, but also he thinks he doesn’t have any idea what other thing he know to make a living except architecture. So he is trying so hard to throw so many negative thoughts away to move forward towards the future.


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